What’s up with the park picture?


Any guesses where this is?

Yes, it’s┬áCentral Park in New York City.┬áThe perfect day in the park, April 24, 2016.

And since nothing’s more carefree than a day in the park, I thought it would be a fitting analogy to the work I do.

  • Smooth and well-paced, with room to observe and contemplate rather than rush off in the wrong direction.
  • Yet time-delineated, since no day in the park lasts forever.
  • Creative and varied to keep the audience enlightened and engaged.
  • But no unpleasant surprises (yes, I know, not every conceivable surprise in Central Park is a pleasant one, but that was the perfect, hassle-free day).

And I like pink spring trees, and the scene sort of matches my purple glasses.

That’s the story!