E-Learning Storyboarding

A significant part of my work involves writing detailed storyboards for e-learning modules in a variety of industries. The storyboards typically include narration, on-screen text, and detailed instructions to the developers, sometimes with visual mockups.

I specialize in designing creative, real-life scenarios that place the learner into realistic on-the-job situations.¬†As with everything I do, the process is customized to my clients’ needs. Usually, it involves these steps:

  • Getting a detailed overview of the project – its purpose, goals, and criteria.
  • Speaking with subject matter experts (SMEs) to learn more about the specifics.
  • Determining the behavioral learning objectives and the appropriate learning approach to meet those objectives.
  • Creating an outline and running it by the client.
  • Writing the full storyboard.
  • Communicating with e-learning developers, graphic designers, and other people involved in the process to make sure everything’s done just right.

As the storyboards I design are used to create proprietary training modules, I unfortunately can’t share them publicly here, but I would be happy to discuss my process with you.

Please contact me to discuss your upcoming needs.