Classroom Learning and Instructor-Led Training

Classroom learning (in-person instructor-led training) remains popular for good reason. Not everything can be most effectively learned by clicking through an e-learning module or playing interactive games. And virtual instruction (e.g. WebEx) requires some special facilitation skills and lacks true face-to-face interaction.

In particular, leadership development, interpersonal/communication skills, onboarding, and customer service and sales training are often delivered in the classroom.

I’ve developed numerous classroom-based, instructor-led courses and can help you determine if that makes sense for your organization.

I know how to design course materials with ideal pacing and variety, a blend of interactive and solitary activities, and opportunities for practice both during and after the class.

I can create facilitator guides, participant guides, and slide decks.

I’ve been a trainer myself, so I understand what it’s like to be in front of a group and the level of detail that’s helpful for both new and experienced facilitators.

Please contact me to discuss your upcoming needs.