My Approach

I don’t do cookie-cutter, and I don’t work in a silo. Everything I do is customized for my clients’ needs and determined through a collaborative process.

We always start with an in-depth conversation and some important questions to consider. I ask about the project’s goals, audience, and timeline, among many other things I need to know before I get started.

While the projects vary, these factors remain constant:

  • I ask you about your needs and goals, and I listen carefully to the answers.
  • When appropriate, I speak with members of your team and other crucial stakeholders.
  • I share ideas and concerns that arise for me at the beginning of the project.
  • I collaborate with you and relevant team members to design a prototype plan for my work and get your feedback before continuing.
  • I maintain close communication with you throughout the project.
  • I maintain confidentiality and am happy to sign nondisclosure agreements.
  • I diligently meet deadlines (unless the project scope changes and we need to move the deadline).

Please contact me for a free initial consultation, and I’ll send you some questions to get the process started.