My work with NGOs and businesses…

I’ve worn many hats:

  • consulting on program design and best instructional practices
  • designing courses and course modules
  • writing detailed step-by-step processes
  • editing and proofreading documents
  • presenting training workshops

All these experiences allow me to see the big picture as well as delve into the small but important details.

Designing courses, training programs, and other professional and technical materials is always a collaborative process. It involves researchinterviewing subject matter experts and other relevant stakeholders (including learners), and designing a creative approach to meeting learners’ needs.

This creative approach may involve a blended learning strategy, combining instructor-led (in-person and/or virtual) and asynchronous e-learning components. It might focus on the informal learning that’s already taking place, establishing a structure for learners to share their knowledge and experience with newcomers and others.

When we work together, I invest time in learning as much as possible about your organization and your overall goals. I also find out about your audience and the things they need to learn, understand, and do. We then collaborate to create the program or materials your audience needs.

Please contact me to discuss your upcoming needs.