Selected Objectives from a Leadership and Team Development Program

I created the curriculum for the Mind & Table program. To provide a sense of the content I developed, here are some of the objectives from the program’s three modules: Creativity and Innovation:

  • Identify the Six Elements of Creativity and Innovation.
  • Practice lateral thinking and building openness and trust.
  • Discuss creativity and innovation in the organization they’re visiting and at their own workplace.
  • Brainstorm ideas for integrating the Six Elements of Creativity and Innovation into their organization.
  • Select one or two ideas to commit to, and plan action steps to take in the next week.


  • Identify the Four Elements of Collaboration.
  • Practice engaged listening, and consider the benefits of this type of listening.
  • Reflect on the roles they typically play in collaborative situations.
  • Commit to one or two ideas for incorporating the Four Elements of Collaboration, and other things they’ve learned today, into their team’s work.


  • Identify the Three Elements of Passion.
  • Gain some clarity on their individual motivations, inspirations, and skills, and share those insights with the group.
  • Determine some ways in which they can enhance passion at their organization, and create an action plan for experimenting with these ideas.
  • Connect individual passions to organizational initiatives.

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