Video Scriptwriting

I love writing scripts and storyboards for instructional and informational videos. These generally include voiceover, voice on camera, on-screen text, and suggestions for camera shots and b-roll, but they’re flexible based on what my clients want.

I specialize in adding instructional features to ensure the video keeps the learner engaged while really helping them learn. For example, the on-screen host can speak directly to the learner, asking them questions and encouraging them to pause the video to try something on their own. And on-screen text can be added to emphasize important terms and concepts (without making the video look like a boring bulleted PowerPoint). I can also write creative, real-life scenarios that place actors (and, vicariously, the learner) into realistic on-the-job situations.

When a video involves interviewing experts or other guests, their statements are ideally not scripted, but the interviewer needs to be prepared. I’ve conducted many interviews and can help my clients prepare to interview their guests, including scripting the questions. Or, I can conduct the interviews myself while remaining off-camera, and their responses can be edited into the video.

As with everything I do, the process is customized to my clients’ needs. Usually, it involves these steps:

  • Getting a detailed overview of the project – its purpose, goals, and criteria.
  • Speaking with subject matter experts (SMEs) to learn more about the specifics.
  • Determining the behavioral learning objectives and the appropriate learning approach to meet those objectives.
  • Creating an outline and running it by the client.
  • Writing the full script or storyboard.
  • Communicating with other people involved in the process to make sure everything’s done just right.

As the scripts and storyboards I design are used to create proprietary training modules, I unfortunately can’t share them publicly here, but I would be happy to discuss my process with you.

Please contact me to discuss your upcoming needs.