About Betsy

I’ve been a professional freelance learning designer, writer, and editor since the mid-90s. I’m a native English speaker living in the Netherlands, and I have a strong interest in working with NGOs and agencies in the international development sector.

To learn about my clients and projects, please take a look at this page.

And to learn more about the approach I take, please go here.

I love not only the design and writing work, but also the interpersonal work that is so crucial to all of this, including interviewing and collaborative brainstorming.

I’ve done a lot of training and professional development facilitation, too. My main clients have been NewsBank, Inc. (technology and curriculum integration) and PassageWorks (occupational stress reduction with a mindfulness focus). Lately, I’ve chosen to focus on the behind-the-scenes work. I’m less often in front of the audience, but my years of training experience help me put myself in the facilitators’ and participants’ shoes when I design learning materials for them.

In my 8 years of experience in the career development field, I helped hundreds of adult clients more effectively handle work situations, discover their strengths and interests, and implement best practices in the job search.

And, yes, I have a personal life, too…I play the Irish tin whistle, write poetry, and enjoy fine tea and moderately priced wine. I’m a serial traveler but also love having a home community!

Here’s a snapshot of my credentials:

  • ATD Master Instructional Designer
  • Designing Virtual Learning Certificate (ATD)
  • Essentials of Training for Global Audiences (ATD)
  • 20+ years of experience designing instructional materials
  • 20+ years of experience training and coaching adults
  • 20+ years of experience writing and editing professional documents
  • Master’s in Counseling
  • Teaching Credential (secondary social studies)
  • Master of Arts in Geography